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  • Master simplicity! As you master the simple, the complex ceases to exist.
  • If you are "fixing" then something must be broken. If you are building your game then you are heading in a positive direction!
  • Self improvement requires you to learn to communicate with your subconscious!
  • The game is played within your mind.
  • Failures are stepping stones not barricades
  • About Me

    Okie Billiards is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in all cuesports!

    My name is Ken Jennings and I have enjoyed cue sports for most of my life. I spent many years teaching golf. After leaving the golf business I felt something was missing. While I enjoy playing pool, I have learned that it is more fun to watch someone grow and become something they never were quite sure they could become! I like to teach! So I went after and received PBIA Certification from Randy Goettlicher in Dallas to become the first PBIA Certified instructor in Oklahoma.


    If you have received instruction from me and would like to share your thoughts on what you like or dislike, please email me at ken@okiebilliards.com

    Billiard Instruction

    My Teaching Philosophy

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    As your instructor, I want to teach you how to communicate with your subconscious mind. Once you are giving your subconscious proper input you will begin to see a more desirable result!

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